About Us

It is hard to believe many years have passed since 18-year-old Noah Yelizarov died in a freak accident while vacationing in Thailand. Since then, his parents Lori and Michael Yelizarov and older brother Jonathan Yelizarov have dedicated themselves to raising money for charitable organizations to keep Noah’s memory alive.

Noah Yelizarov loved the game of hockey. He had a passion to play, and he had a special talent as a goaltender. This tournament celebrates Noah’s love for the game and enables his friends and family to honour his memory.

Through his memory, we raise funds to support the Canuck Place, Childrens Hospital. To date, we have raised more than $150,000.

This event has been on going since 2004, and is something Noah would be proud of.

Join us August 17, 2014 for the 10th annual Noah Memorial Hockey Tourney!