Tournament Rules and Regulations

Our tournament provides for a fun, fast game of hockey with an abundance of scoring opportunities. Have fun, be sportsman-like, and play by the rules.

2014 Round Robin Ice Hockey Rules

  • The game is played entirely inside the blue lines on each end
  • Two games will be underway on each ice sheet
  • The goals are set up along the side boards by the face-off circle
  • The 14 minute games are continuous hockey, with the scoring team backing off to allow the other team to restart from their end (no face-offs)
  • The players change ‘on the fly’, as the resting players stay just outside the blueline and enter play as a teammate comes off
  • The referee/scorekeeper is just outside the blueline with the scorechart
  • The referee calls the team colour to declare which team takes possession when the puck goes outside the blueline
  • The team who last touched the puck, loses possession, and the other team brings the puck into play immediately
  • Teams are expected to play with sportsmanship and fair play, so referees are rarely needed to make a call
  • If there is overly aggressive play or a penalty-type infraction, the referee will blow his whistle
  • The referee can call a penalty shot – if the infraction had denied a scoring chance, or stop the play and give possession to the other team for less serious penalties
  • Players should play respectfully and enjoy the game with no body contact, hooking, slashing or aggressive stick work
  • The referee has the authority to ‘sideline’ a player (to calm down) for either 2 or 5 minutes (the team would not be short-handed)


  • The tournament has 24 teams – with four groups of 6 teams
  • From each group, after their set of four games, the top two teams advance to the single knockout playoffs
  • Eight teams make the playoffs
  • The top two teams of each group are based upon 2 points for a win and one point for a tie
  • Game scores provide for a plus/minus score as a tie breaker
  • In any game, the maximum goal difference is five goals, so that a team does not ‘run up’ the score

It is all about good sportsmanship and fun, friendly competition!